Cyber Defense Labs (CDL) is a national initiative founded to improve the overall defensibility of critical infrastructure cyber networks and connected systems. CDL operates under a unified mission of Cyber Conscription, the idea that all US communities, organizations, and citizens are on the front lines, thereby conscripted defenders, in an ongoing Cyber Conflict, a conflict for intellectual property rights and the sovereignty of US cyber systems.
    Cyber Defense Labs is a partnership in protection and resiliency working to enhance defensibility of strategic national assets and critical infrastructure cyber networks and connected systems. CDL will work to improve overall cyber security by assisting organizations with a transition from compliance based security to performance based security.
    Cyber Defense Labs provides a full range of information security capabilities for businesses, government organizations, and other institutions. We have highly skilled personnel that excel in the following domains: Vulnerability Assessments, Penetration Testing, IT Audit & Compliance, Cyber Forensics & Response, Remediation & Support, and Research & Development.

Cyber Defense Labs

Cyber Defense Labs is a cyber security and research organization focused on assisting corporate America, government, and community organizations with improving overall security effectiveness while educating and improving corporate and community awareness and value.